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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

I’m going with something completely different this week. This isn’t film, it’s not even with my professional digital camera. This was taken with my point and shoot camera in the mirror.

I am Abigail. You are Abigail. Every one of us is Abigail…

Abigail was an orphan in West Point, Liberia. At six, she was left with prostitutes. She learned to work the streets in order to get access to drinking water and food. Education was not an option.

Then Abigail met Katie Meyler, the founder of More Than Me, an organization dedicated to getting girls off the streets and into schools. Katie and Abigail became fast friends, and More Than Me has raised the money to put Abigail through school. She is learning to bake, and aspires to one day be a Senator, so she can, in turn, help other girls like her.

Why are we also “Abigail”?

Abigail could be you. Abigail could be your sister, your niece, your student, or your neighbor. Remember, we live in a global community; there is no “me” without “we”, Abigail is because you are, and you are because Abigail is.

Join the community. When you’ve done that, help the community grow by spreading our story. And most of all, get inspired.

Vote, we have until December 4th to generate as many votes as humanly possible!

What would it look like to have all children safe and in schools and fed?

Love and light to each and every one of you