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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal


Renewal is another theme that can be interpreted in so many ways.

I took this photo in Bali, Indonesia last summer. It is one of my favourite photos. While in Bali I went through experiences that renewed me spiritually, renewed my connection to people and the earth. Frangipani, the flower in this photo is a very strong scented flower that is used in many ways throughout southeast Asia. In India frangipani is a symbol of immortality because of its ability to produce leaves and flowers even after it has been lifted out of the soil. It is able to renew itself even when disconnected from its source. In Indonesia, a single frangipani held with the fingertips is a way of recognising the Supreme God Sanghyang Widi Wasa who is symbolised by the daily rising of the sun. Renewal.




Every visit to The House of Sharing gave me a little something extra. Be it extra love, extra compassion, extra understanding, extra respect or extra strength, it always gave me something.

There are times as an artist when you are given the opportunity to use your passion for something bigger than yourself. This was one of those opportunities. The House of Sharing is a safe and loving home for women who have and continue to stand up to the wrongs in our world.  It is also a museum and a place to raise awareness, knowledge and understanding for their stories and the cause.

I found these women tremendously inspiring. This statue was placed in the garden of The House to honour those living there, those no longer living there, and those who never had the opportunity to.

Love and light.