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I’m Abigail, You’re Abigail, We’re Abigail!

Meet Abigail.

Abigail was an orphan in West Point, Liberia. You may have read her letter in a previous article here on the Huffington Post. At six, she was left with prostitutes. She learned to work the streets in order to get access to drinking water and food. Education was not an option.

Then Abigail met Katie Meyler, the founder of More Than Me, an organization dedicated to getting girls off the streets and into schools. Katie and Abigail became fast friends, and More Than Me has raised the money to put Abigail through school. She is learning to bake, and aspires to one day be a Senator, so she can, in turn, help other girls like her.

More Than Me has been entered in a competition where they could potentially win a million dollars. That is a lot of money and could build schools to help even more girls get off the streets and into school. It’s true what they say, empower a girl and you’re empowering the community.

Meet Abigail and Katie here.

And you can vote now here. It only takes a few seconds.

Spread the word!

Make a difference and do something that’s more than you and more than me!



School’s Out (Toronto #1)

This is me doing something I don’t usually do. I don’t usually edit my photos. I like to publish them as they are. However I also enjoying playing with my photos. So this is still medium format, just edited a little here and there.

Since I currently reside in Toronto, I figured I should share some of the shots I’ve taken since I’ve been here.

I enjoyed taking this shot. I’d bumped into a group of teens leaving school. I love watching young ones, they fascinate me. Their perception is so different, so much more dramatic, intense (and hormonal). It makes me smile and remember days of old when I was a teen.