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Handprints of the Halmoni.

It seems that those who set this part of history in motion have yet to admit to doing so. The Halmoni are aging and as much as it pains me to say this, the powers in question are waiting for these women to die off so that the horrors of history can be forgotten. These handprints (on display at The House of Sharing in Seoul, South Korea) represent the Halmonis so that they will not be forgotten and even long after they are gone. We, the younger generations must continue to fight on behalf of the Halmonis and all women everywhere.


Bea Chun-hui Halmoni


Bea Chun-hui Halmoni has to be one of the funniest women I’ve ever met! When I think of her the word ‘firecracker’ comes to mind. Very opinionated, very strong and very confident, Bea Chun-hui Halmoni doesn’t hesitate to tell you what she thinks. Listening to her sing has to be one of my favourite memories of my time at The House of Sharing.