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Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

This Special Photo Challenge came at the right time for me. It came just as a great gust of inspiration came at me… I love taking photos and have made the conscious decision to be a photographer and take photos of things that matter to me, mainly social documentary. I’m also finding inspiration in other types of photography, portraiture and commercial photography – which is something I never saw myself doing until now. Doors are opening up for me and I’m making the conscious choice to step into them, stepping into me and my greatness. It’s funny because a few days ago I even wrote a blog on the very same theme of stepping into your own greatness and the importance of making the conscious choice to do so.

Here is a shot that was taken while on a photo shoot today… It’s inspired me to open myself up to even greater possibilities.

All of this just leads me to ask, what else is possible? 

(Photo credit: Venus Noorleila)


Park Ok-seon Halmoni


Oh how I love this photograph! It was such a gift to meet Park Ok-seon Halmoni (halmoni or 할머니 is Korean for grandmother). She has such a gentle spirit, a loving energy, such a strong and humble spirit. Park Ok-seon Halmoni reminds me of my own grandmother, and just as I did with my Grannie, I sat by her feet, held onto her hand and listened to her sing and tell stories. Treasured moments.