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Halmoni Power


Every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm outside the Japanese Embassy in Seoul Korea, come rain or shine, the Halmoni and their supporters peacefully protest for the Japanese government to acknowledge their wrongdoings in organising “Comfort Stations” throughout Asia during the Second World War.

I ask that you take a few moments to sign this petition, these are women I care deeply about and I fully support them fighting for justice.

We call upon members of the UN General Assembly to address the issue of wartime sex slaves as a special agenda for the 67th session in 2012 and to pass a resolution on this issue at the session. Over 200,000 women were taken to rape brothels, and not many survivors remain alive today. Now is the time to demand justice for the survivors.





Handprints of the Halmoni.

It seems that those who set this part of history in motion have yet to admit to doing so. The Halmoni are aging and as much as it pains me to say this, the powers in question are waiting for these women to die off so that the horrors of history can be forgotten. These handprints (on display at The House of Sharing in Seoul, South Korea) represent the Halmonis so that they will not be forgotten and even long after they are gone. We, the younger generations must continue to fight on behalf of the Halmonis and all women everywhere.

Park Ok-seon Halmoni


Oh how I love this photograph! It was such a gift to meet Park Ok-seon Halmoni (halmoni or 할머니 is Korean for grandmother). She has such a gentle spirit, a loving energy, such a strong and humble spirit. Park Ok-seon Halmoni reminds me of my own grandmother, and just as I did with my Grannie, I sat by her feet, held onto her hand and listened to her sing and tell stories. Treasured moments.