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Eglinton – 1 (Toronto #3)


I spent the afternoon on an Afro-Caribbean strip of Eglinton. One of my favourite things about Toronto is the fact that you can walk from one street to another and see several cultures and communities. Growing up in the east end of London, there is something very familiar about being around so many different nationalities and cultures.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (Buildings)

When I think of geometry, I think of shapes and you can find shapes anywhere.

This was taken in London last year with my 35mm Lomo Fisheye.

School’s Out (Toronto #1)

This is me doing something I don’t usually do. I don’t usually edit my photos. I like to publish them as they are. However I also enjoying playing with my photos. So this is still medium format, just edited a little here and there.

Since I currently reside in Toronto, I figured I should share some of the shots I’ve taken since I’ve been here.

I enjoyed taking this shot. I’d bumped into a group of teens leaving school. I love watching young ones, they fascinate me. Their perception is so different, so much more dramatic, intense (and hormonal). It makes me smile and remember days of old when I was a teen.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy


Some of you are probably wondering why this is my idea of what happy looks like. Granted, Iman’s face doesn’t look very impressed does it, but it makes me laugh. She’s such an amazing being and to know her makes me happy. Being able to look at her and see an expression that reminds me of her great-grandmother, my grandmother makes me happy. Family makes me happy.



This photo was taken at the DMZ in South Korea. The Demilitarised Zone is the land in between North and South Korea. On the right of the photo are thousands and thousands of prayer ribbons tied to the fence, sending messages of hope, dreams and wishes for unification. Down the center in the far distance you see the DMZ and the hills of North Korea. To the left of the photo is a train that was witness to the war. Idle for 61 years, this South Korean steam powered train was on a supply run to a small town in North Korea. It was shot by US soldiers on its way back into South Korea because the soldiers feared that it was a train that had been taken over by the North Korean army. The train is now part of the story that people can visit on their tour of the DMZ.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

I have to say that this week’s challenge is a little bit of a cheat for me as I’ve posted this photograph before. It’s my favourite self portrait, but I’m posting this because it’s the first photo I thought of and the first thing I thought of when I saw the theme this week. I love my camera. Bronnie has been with me all over the world, through thick and thin, she is one of my most precious possessions.