Published Work

The Best of Intima, 2007

These photos were shot at BraChic, a boutique lingerie shop in Ottawa, Canada. The photos were shot in digital.



Farafina Magazine, Lagos, Nigera 2009

After a trip to Nigeria in 2009 one of my photos (bottom photo, right page) was used to promote the art festivities going on in Lagos at the time. The photo was taken at the opening of an art exhibition by a local artist.

This image was shot in digital.



Yeon-Joo and Pak Ok-Son Halmoni waiting to say their goodbyes.

This is the first of a three piece set auctioned at a fundraiser for The House of Sharing in Seoul, South Korea (2011).

I am absolutely honoured to have been asked to take part in this exhibition. I am really proud to say that during the auction all 3 pieces were sold for more than what was anticipated, raising money for the Halmonis living at The House of Sharing.
This image was shot in medium format film.

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