Behind The Camera

I have been in love with taking photographs since I can remember. Something about freezing a moment in time which evolved into freezing my perspective or my reality of a moment in time. Be it an emotion, a movement, a symbol, or a historical moment, if it makes me feel something, I capture it.

In this society and with all of the technological capabilities, we have become obsessed with making things perfect. If it can be edited more often than not, it is. That in itself has its own effects and repercussions. As I mentioned, I am fixated on reality, as it is. Which is why you’ll find that I don’t edit my photographs. This is also why I use medium format film. It is classic and I love the texture and feel of this type of film, I don’t feel the need to edit or doctor it. It also allows me to connect with the process. There aren’t any automatic settings; it is just me, the camera and whatever is in front of us. What you see in my work is a simple and honest recount of the perfect imperfections in life.

I do hope you enjoy your time here. I hope you feel something, no matter what it is, my aim in sharing my work, my love, is that the audience feels something. I am ever so grateful for your time and energy spent here and I hope you visit again.

Love and light,


*Please note that all of these photos are my own work and all rights are reserved.*


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